Once a month we go as a group to the Drop-in Centre in downtown Calgary to serve lunch.

To get involved contact the  Secretary Ugo Nwokeleme at 403-473-1539 or by email \secretary@igbocalgary.ca or ugonwokeleme@hotmail.com  OR Pastor Anayo Onwuka at 403-650-4747 or by email\chianayo@shaw.ca

DATES FOR 2018 ARE: Please make plans to join us

January 25th 2018                                April 25th 2018

May 31st 2018                                        June  27th 2018

July 25th 2018                                       August 21st 2018

September 26th 2018                         October 25th 2018



Meeting point is at the centre 11.45am Lunch services starts at 12pm.

Click here for more information about the Drop-in Centre.

Another important Charity the ICAC has embarked on for the

years 2018 is an ongoing food drive for the Calgary

Interfaith Food Bank. We encourage all our members to bring

non-perishable food items to all ICAC sponsored activities and

events, for collection and onward donation to the food bank.

 Members are also encouraged to do the same food drive on

behalf of ICAC at their churches, businesses or even work. If you

have any questions about this, please contact the Social

activities Director, Mrs. Juliet Ogbu-Oraelosi phone at 403-607-3293