About Us

About ICAC

In 2001, a group of great Igbo people in Calgary Alberta Canada formed the Igbo Cultural Association of Calgary (ICAC) with the mission “to promote all aspects of the Igbo culture that would positively contribute to the progress, development and welfare of the members while enhancing the Canadian multicultural mosaic”.

In recent times, the ICAC has embarked on projects to help the needy in our Calgary community through volunteer works. For example, the members of Igbo cultural Association of Calgary volunteer on behalf of the association on a mothly basis at the Calgary Drop In Centre. We also do a continuous food drive for the Calgary Interfaith Food bank, in addition to annual cash donations to these charities.

The association also recognizes the need to provide quality education to students in developing countries and so formed a foundation know as the “Ogene Foundation”. The first project of the foundation is to provide computers and internet connectivity to universities in the Igbo states in Nigeria. The association believes that providing universities with modern educational equipment is a sine qua non for production of high quality graduates needed in today’s world economies that are fast becoming a global village. Funds have been a challenge for the association to achieve this noble objective and the ICAC – Homeland Projects Committee has been working very hard with help from people like you to raise funds.

We also offer scholarships to our members and their children for academic excellence. We meet once a month (third Sunday in every month), we organize a showcase of Igbo culture annually at our Igbo day celebration, we organize picnics and other activities to enable our members mingle and socialize. This is a community association, you definitely want to be part of. We welcome you.